the shirt altI would have been held prisoner to my past if I did not turn around and, look into the mirror, and see my naked self. Well, let me tell you honey, I saw some thangs, that I had to admit about myself, but you see I refuse to walk down this path again so I had to look at the good, the bad, and yes Lawd, the ugly. You see while driving in my car talking with my publicist/manager, I had my “Own It Moment.

I had to own the fact that I married a liar because I was a liar. I had to own that I married a cheater because I had cheated in previous relationships. I had to own that I was married to a man who could not handle money because I could not handle money. I had to own that I married a man with bad credit because hell, I had bad credit. I had to own that I married a man who was broken because I was broken. I had to own that I was lonely and always had to have someone in my life. I had to own that I was always seeking attention and approval from others. I had to own that at times I was not a good friend to those who were great friends to me. I had to own that I was selfish and always wanted things to go my way without looking for ways to compromise. I had to own my insecurities. I had to own that I at times was envious of my friends. I had to own some things, and listen it is not easy to admit that, but I understand now in order to be free to walk into my destiny I had to own my past.

Once I owned that thang honey, I was free from it. Now listen! If you want better for yourself, let me give you a TanyaismYou better own that thang, honey, embrace it boo, honor it and let it go!