dnrblogListening to many stories and often time advising my closest of friends on their relationships, I would think to myself why are they still holding on to what appears to be a dead relationship.  I would hear stories of loveless marriages and friendless friendships. I listened as they would speak of the attempts they would make within “THEIR” power to continue to give life to a dead situation. Always thinking why they won’t simply let it go

Sometimes we must make really hard decisions and take certain relationships and people off of life support. We often times find ourselves hoping and praying that it will get better and we see no sign of change. We keep praying, hoping and believing for change and often times deceive ourselves when we see a little ray of hope. At some point we must stop breathing life into a dead relationship.  We must be strong enough within ourselves to let toxic relationships go!! We hold on to things and people because we are afraid. We are oft times afraid to wake up to face loneness, judgement and failure.

But holding on only keeps you in a place of hurt, anger, sadness and disappointment. When we pull the plug on the relationships that are unhealthy in our lives we begin to truly heal. We begin to restore happiness, peace and joy into our hearts. I have to learn to put the DNR notice on anything that endangers my happiness and peace of mind. If the relationship is becoming toxic and you tried everything in your power to restore it, then slap a DNR on it and LET IT GO!!! Stop using extreme measures to keep a dead situation alive. Stop resuscitating bad relationships and free yourself to find what is truly out there waiting just for you!!