Life Lessons…..chapters


Never compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20!!

I see it all the time, the new person comes in and listens to what appears to be a very one sided version of a story. You hear how awful another person is/was and how they were never what they needed. You hear everything they did not do and everything that they were not. And all the while you never realized that the person who is telling the story never shares their faults or issues. They never share their contributions to the failed relationship; they only point the finger at the person who is no longer there, while all the while painting themselves as the victim. You then begin to judge a person with whom, you have never held a conversation; you begin to hate a person whose story you truly do not know.

You see you may know a person’s name and heard parts of their story but you don’t know what they have been through. You do not know what they had to endure or the pain they had to bare. You did not see the tears that they cried or the scars they had to hide.

Be very careful how quickly you judge their stories because it just might become yours………..

So pull up a seat and let me tell you a story