The Moment I Decided To OWN It

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When Tanya Armstrong was a little girl, she wanted the loyal loving husband with the quaint little house surrounded by the white picket fence like everybody else. She spent her younger years searching for Mr. Right, and thought she found him. Imagine her surprise when he turned out to be Mr. Wrong. But it wasn’t until she OWNED her contribution to the failed relationship that she was able to break free and live the life of her dreams. The Moment I Decided to OWN It, is one woman’s story of how she courageously took a step forward to reclaim her life by being completely honest about her OWN stuff. She shares that story with you so that you can also live fearlessly in the wake of a broken relationship and OWN your position of power as a woman of purpose.

6 reviews for The Moment I Decided To OWN It

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have had the privilege of knowing Tanya and watching her develop into a dynamic woman of God. As a member of our church, a faithful part of our KidWorld Ministry and a thriving woman of God she has proven that truly with God all things are possible! Her journey through a painful divorce, battling with immense fear yet coming out victorious is a testimony that leaves a lasting impression!

    Instead of letting her circumstance cause her to sink down into despair she chose to rise up and allow God to turn her every trial into a powerful testimony.

    Her story is like many who experience loss, abandonment and pain but this powerful book will give you the tools you need to allow God to make all things new and lead you into a life of restoration. You will not only be inspired but also equipped with step by step practical wisdom at the end of each chapter to get you to your destination of wholeness. I would recommend this book to any woman who has been through a divorce, suffered abandonment or is dealing with insecurity and self-doubt. Tanya’s story of faith and courage will empower you to believe that God is the God that can make all things new!

  2. 5 out of 5


    There is something to be said about transparency. It is a freedom that allows an individual, who has masked themselves, to finally LIVE. Pain does not feel good and many of us have been conditioned to cover-up our hurt. What some may not realize is when we use those not-so-good moments as tools for learning, we not only heal but we begin to help others heal. Our stories are more alike than they are different. Readers can find some part of themselves in To Own It because at some point in our lives we gave up who we were for people, places or things… whether it was realized or done subconsciously. That when it happened, there were hard decisions that needed to be made in order to get our lives back on track. Author Tanya Armstrong Fuller delivers an authentic timeline of the love she held on to despite all its red flags and the day her spirit could no longer take a backseat to her tattered, family life. A telling tale of a woman’s love for her children and a re-birthing of self that would give her the courage to walk away from a marriage, where her life would change as she knew it, in all its familiarity, but for the betterment of who she was now becoming. A woman finally realizing who she was. This book is a great read for anyone no longer wishing to cover up unhappiness but ready for true happiness in its most purposed form.
    La Trisha McIntosh and La Tasha Taylor

    Beautifully Said Magazine

  3. 5 out of 5


    I give this book a five star review, something I rarely do, and not just because I have a 30 year friendship with the authoress. I genuinely loved the book! Once I began reading, I couldn’t put it down! When I completed the book, it took my brain a week to really process everything my eyes had feasted on. From the beginning of our friendship, Tanya has always been loving, loyal, and dependable. As we have grown, she has developed a strength that I’ve come to admire. After reading the book, I realized that the strength that I observed was just the tip of an iceberg whose depth and girth far exceeded anything that I ever could have imagined! After all she has survived, she is still standing by the grace of God. The courage it took to lay open her life before the reader is amazing. This book will inspire you to keep holding in spite of the most trying circumstances.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Phenomenal read! To have to strength to tell your story and put it to the public takes a very strong, confident individual. that is exactly what Tanya did here. This is very much an inspiration to the next person that has dealt with the same, or has been in similar situations. Even if not this type of situation specifically, it is a very empowering read for women.

  5. 5 out of 5


    The “She is Me” group was eagerly awaiting our monthly book club meeting. We had the pleasure of having the author as our special guest. What a powerful group discussion we were able to have. Getting to share the words that touched us the most was amazing. Hearing the insight behind each chapter. This book is a must read for every women and their daughters. We were encouraged and reminded of how very important it is that we know our self worth. We have added this to our must read list for all of our members and we are excited to be on the lookout for Ms. Armstrong’s next book!

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      Thank you to the She is Me book club for considering The Moment I Decided to OWN It as one of your books to read. It was truly a pleasure to sit down and talk with you all about the book. I truly appreciated your candor and openness. Your feedback was truly touching. I am starting the next book soon

  6. 5 out of 5


    Thank you so very much for your very honest and raw truth in this book. You didn’t hold back…in the most refreshing way. Your testimony and your triumph is the story and plight of many. I appreciate the opportunity to go inside your pain and walk with you to victory. Much love and light to you.

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